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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Starting Over

I never thought starting over with a new blog would be so much work. From choosing colors and trying to remember how edit a template to coming up with a name that I won't be sick of after a week, I stayed up till the early hours of the night last night until I could barely keep my eyes open. But the worst part of it is finding all my links. I've been out of it for so long that I can't remember half of the websites I used to visit, and now that I don't go to them anymore I can't decide which ones I should really even link to.
The other big problem is going to be traffic. With the old blog I had enough people coming by regularly adding comments that it was easy to keep it going. I just hope that I can stick through it long enough to start to see some of the visitors coming back. I'll at least try to keep going throughout the November election, which reminds me of a few other links to add. I've got to post a link to John Roger Miller the only central valley green running in the fall. Okay then back to work on finding more to add and meeting new people to blogroll.


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