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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Young Woman Heckler

I wanted to post about this last night, but blogger wasn't working. So a day late and thought half forgotten, I visited Common Dreams and found a story about Medea Benjamin getting arrested for disrupting congress during Iraqi PM al Maliki's speech. She stood up and shouted in support of bringing our American troops home, something most Americans and Iraqis actually want done.
I decided to see if this got any coverage from the major media outlets on the Web. So I went to where they reported that an anti-war protester had to be removed. They reported that the woman was identified as Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink. Okay so not much, but at least they knew her name and who she was representing.
Then I went to Fox News, not expecting much. "Al-Maliki paused and grimaced while the young woman was lifted from her seat and carried by officers from the House visitors' gallery. Dressed in a pink T-shirt that read, 'Troops Home Now,' the woman repeatedly called back, 'Listen to the Iraqis.'"
That's exactly what they reported, no name, organization, or clue about her age. Just the type of reliable news were used to from Fox.
And I just new that MSNBC wouldn't let me down. "Al-Maliki was interrupted briefly by a shouting demonstrator wearing a pink T-shirt that read, 'Troops Home Now.' The young woman was lifted from her seat by officers and carried out of the House visitor’s gallery, while al-Maliki paused and grimaced in irritation."
Now it looks to me that one of these news organizations did what I used to do in 7th grade when I used the encyclopedia as a reference. Hmm. . . if I move this sentence here and leave out these two words it will look like my own work. How do neither of the news outlets give at least a name? How do you write off the 54 year old, founder of CodePink and Global Exchange and one time U.S. Senate candidate as a "young woman"?
Well I knew there was one place I could go who would do a fair job of covering the story. I went to a young woman's blog, and found that yes she did know Medea Benjamin's name. And if you read more you'll see that she's got time mock the weight of a woman who lost her son in Iraq.


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