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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Say It Ain't So Joe, Say It Ain't So

Posted by Alli

Well, I've been putting up with it for two days now, and I have something to say. First of all, I want to say congratulations to Ned Lamont for winning the primary in Connecticut. I think it's great to see our political system working somewhat in a manner it was intended. But now, what I really want to do is comment on some of the junk I've been hearing about what this means, and how it will affect the democratic party. Tony Snow came out and said that the defeat of Joe Lieberman suggests that democrats truly do not care about national security since we did not vote for someone who voted consistently with the Presidents wishes over the last six years. What I suggest is that democrats do care. We care about lies. We care about the fact that our President sent our troops to war on false premises and has continued to perpetuate the lie that got us into this terrible mess in the first place. We care about the human condition. The war in Iraq is costing American lives, and Iraqi lives. It has cost us our credibility in a region that desperately needs strong and positive democratic influences. It has limited what we can do to fight countries like Iran and North Korea, countries we know are working together to build nuclear weapons. It has cost us protection. While our armed forces should have been locating Osama Bin Laden and anyone else involved in the September 11th attack, they were forced to do a "death march" in Iraq, leaving time for Al Qaida to plan bigger attacks like the ones unearthed in the UK today. Not to mention the mental and emotional trauma inflicted on our troops, most of them youths, an entire generation of America who will carry scars for a lifetime. These things make us angry! And they are inexcusable. And if you call yourself one of us, you had better not try to be one of them. No kisses, no pardons and no excusing their stupidity. We will cast you out, and cast our votes for someone better.So farewell Joe, I cannot wish you luck with your run as an independent. But I am glad.... and not just for Lamont. I think this is just the wake up call that dems need nationwide. We do not approve of this president, and our representatives and senators had better take note, or pack their bags


  • At 8:50 AM, Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said…

    Leb has utterly embarassed himself with all this independent nonsense.

  • At 11:21 AM, Blogger Snave said…

    Lamont's victory certainly does send a signal.

    What I think will happen though, is that the Republicans, knowing the Dems of America don't care much for Lieberman about now, will actually urge voters to shun their own candidate, and will urge them to vote for Lieberman in November... that Joe will get about 80% of the GOP voters, and that he will siphon off enough of the Democratic voters to pull off a win... and we still won't be rid of him. And he will be worse, because he will call himself an "independent" and will be a thorn in the side of the Democratic party.

    While I think guys like The Zellbilly should just change parties from Dem to GOP, I'm not sure about Lieberman. I think Joe L. is too much of a social liberal to be a Republican, but I just don't understand why he supports the Iraq war and the Bush approach. Nonetheless, I expect Republicans to give him a lot of votes this fall.


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