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Monday, September 25, 2006

We let them get away with this stuff?

I walked over (I'm too slow to surf) to Skippy's and noticed this crazy blurb about Newsweek dumbing down the U.S. version of the magazine cover. Throughout the rest of the world Newsweek features a cover with a title "Losing Afghanistan", but here in America home of the free press we get blessed with a cover entitled "My life in Pictures" featuring a story about Annie Leibovitz. Come on!! Do they think we can't handle a story about the truth? Is there an article somewhere in the magazine where Newsweek explains why the kid gloves are used with Americans? I know that Americans are way too in love with celebrities and it's a terrible shame the way we are apathetic and just lazy about world news and politics, and maybe I'm optimistic but I think more of us would like to read a story about what is going on in a country where we are fighting a war than read a story about a photographer.
I can't believe that this got me riled up, but I do believe the magazine is called "Newsweek". You would think that they would be comfortable reporting news and letting us know on the cover that that is their intention. Go here to see pictures of the cover.


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